Swaaha's Smart
Drum Composter

Organic waste to compost machine for Hotels, Residential townships and Restaurants

About The Product

Swaaha’s Smart Drum Composter, popularly also known as SDC, is a versatile and a one-stop solution for your organic waste management. Indigenously designed and developed by Swaaha, the SDC converts all kinds of organic waste in to 100% organic compost through a completely natural process. The SDC is based on natural thermophilic aerobic composting where in the organic waste is decomposed in to organic compost with the help of micro-organisms in oxygen rich conditions without any external heating.


No external heating mechanism used in SDC which makes it extremely energy efficient with the least electricity consumption. The modular design of SDC and its various models ranging from 100 kg/day to 5000 kg/day makes it a perfect solution for residential townships, hotels, restaurants, transport hubs, vegetable & fruit markets, education institutions, urban local bodies etc. to manage their organic waste.


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