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Swaaha Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. (Swaaha) is a social enterprise set up by three alumni of IIT Indore with an aim to provide professional waste management services and solutions to institutions, organisations, corporate houses and residential townships. Inspired by Swachh Bharat, nurtured by Startup India Standup India and empowered by Digital India; Swaaha was ideated to get to the bottom of the grave problem of waste in India, which is widespread across multiple domains, deep in numerous levels and needless to mention, huge in magnitude.

Swaaha perceives “Waste as a Resource” and aims to spread the social, economic and environmental benefits of this approach. Swaaha believes that a “Zero Waste” policy is a quintessential alternative to the existing waste disposal methods. “Zero Waste Campuses” with the sustainable waste management practices in place is the next step towards a “Swachh Bharat”.

The name Swaaha is taken from initials of words Swachh (Clean) and Hara (Green), which are two fundamental tenets of proper waste management. Swaaha also means a pious sacrifice, which fosters our third and final aim of eradicating poverty by economically empowering the people involved in this sector.

The Idea

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Swaaha Resource Management Pvt Ltd. India

304, Bansi Plaza, MG Road, Indore (M.P.), India

PIN Code: 452001

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