Material Recovery Facility

Mechanised System for Recovery of Recyclable Materials from Mixed Waste Stream

About Material Recovery Facility

Swaaha’s Material Recovery Facility, popularly also known as MRF, is a mechanized facility to recovery valuable recyclable material from mixed waste stream. Swaaha’s MRF ensures that minimum waste is sent to landfill and maximum resource potential is recovered from the dry waste stream. Swaaha’s MRF are custom designed and tailor made to particularly suit the requirements of the client. Automation and IoT are a key feature of the MRF and special emphasis is laid on safety and energy efficiency.


The modular design of MRF and its various models ranging from 500 kg/day (0.5 TPD) to 50000 kg/day (50 TPD) makes it a perfect solution for urban local bodies, educational institutions, transport hubs etc. to manage their dry recyclable waste.

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